Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stand Back! Knittah Venting!

I'm caught in a bureaucratic net, and I am very pissed off. I submitted in person the last of my documents for my certification with the Ontario College of Teachers: my signed police record check and my Canadian passport. My name on my passport does not include my two middle names. I've never noticed this detail before. It has never been an issue when showing identification before. I've been allowed into corporations, government institutions, airplanes and several foreign countries without a hitch. But for now I am not allowed into an Ontario classroom because my middle name floats in and out of my identification and is not present on my one piece of identification that names my place of birth. Why this inconsistency you may ask? My middle name is long (after all there are two of them). They do not fit onto all applications. When they do I write them in. When they don't I skip them. Very simple. But a serious problem for the Ontario College of Teacher. What awful thing happened to a student, someone's child because of a missing middle name of their teacher? My mind is reeling. Many bad things have happened in many schools, but I find it hard to believe that any of them could have been prevented by the omnipresence of a teacher's middle name. Aarghh!! Okay, I'm done now. I've called my mother to ask her to look for documents containing my middle name and my place of birth. I'm going home now to also look for the same. On the subway I will continue to knit Bad Penny. I just need to complete the waist ribbing.


Blogger Not An Artist said...

Ugh, that sucks! Something similar happened to my best friend, who has a hyphenated last name -- when she applied for her passport using her full last name, she was accused of using an assumed name. Why? Because on her birth certificate they forgot the hyphen!

Bureaucracy sux :(

9:55 p.m.  
Blogger dawn said...

honey, i am so sorry...
i hope it all works out sooner than expected.

9:30 a.m.  

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