Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Rose by Any Other Name

Fortunately I have never discarded my old passports, and all of them include my middle names. I have now been certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) as fit to enter an Ontario classroom and teach secondary school history and drama. But some force in the universe is still messing with my name. Noting that my transcripts for my masters degrees had not yet arrived either at my address or the OCT. I called the institution that granted me this degree. According to their files when I had attended the institution I had a different last name. I would have to send a written notice to change this. Change what? I have never ever changed my name? What is going on. According to their records the transcript seems to have my correct name but I await its arrival to confirm this. Who would change my name and why? Sloppy administrators? Someone hacking into the system in an attempt to apply for a job with an auction house, museum or academic institution? Could this be a desperate form of art espionage?

In the mean time I spent Monday pounding the pavement looking for job oppurtunities. I spoke to several principals who all felt that my best oppurtunity lay with registering to supply teach. I have but will not hear of any results until October.


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