Saturday, January 17, 2009

Knitting: The Chosen Obsession (addiction)

I have cast on the second sleeve of the Shirley Paden Belted Wrap Jacket(BWJ) or I-75 Jacket(I-75). If I finish this garment by the end of April I will be very happy. Then I can wear it to NYC for the Ebony Elite Knitting workshop at FIT. I'm not sure this is possible with only commuting knitting but hopefully after the report card marks are in I can devote a few days of solid knitting to this project. In the mean time I still have other FOs that I should post plus new yarn. I bought gorgeous yarn from Fleece Artist that I just love and can hardly wait to swatch. I'm trying not to swatch until after my report card marks are in. Knitting is allowed because I think it is a better addiction than drugs or drinking which would surely be the only alternative in the face of all this marking and grading.


Belted Wrap Jacket by Shirley Paden, Interweave Knitting winter 2005


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