Saturday, April 07, 2007

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Spring time in Ontario. Iris Katherine Hodgkin in bloom, intermittent sunshine, below freezing temperatures and snowing sideways. sometimes I wonder that anything other than trees and grass grows here. Every year people voice surprise at this spring time weather, but I have many memories of snowstorms and blizzards greeting me on my birthday, April 4. Often followed by a glorious spring. It is also Easter this weekend (which also often coincides with my birthday). I have no special plans, just as much relaxation as possible and a ton of marking. I had a really bad cold all week and took the last two days off to recuperate. i do sincerely hope that the supply teacher survived my class. Why must students terrorize supply teachers? I actually asked the class this question the last time I was away. They claimed that the supply teachers are too uptight. If this is true the terrorizing can only make it worse or be the actual cause. Sounds like a vicious circle.


Blogger dawn said...

oooh...happy belated birthday, child.

i hope it was the most perfect day.

7:58 p.m.  

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