Friday, July 06, 2007

Salvia Cambridge Blue

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I'm back after months of no blogging. Salvia Cambridge Blue is also back after a year underground. I planted it from seed two years ago. Last year I had a few blooms and this year it is a small swath in front of David Austin rose Molyneux.

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I love my garden It kept on thriving and producing beautiful things even though I had to neglect it all spring. I am so glad that the school year is over. I feel like I don't want to know the answer to anything or teach anyone anything. Meanwhile I am searching for a new contract for September. Who would like to hire this brain dead teacher? Anyway I am determined to relax, enjoy the summer, and get back to me --"Back into the woman I used to be" (todays music by K-OS, "Man I used to be")


Blogger dawn said...

i hope you enjoy your summer, girlita.

summers numb teachers just enough so they forget what teaching is exactly, just so they go back in august/september.


7:24 a.m.  

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