Saturday, January 24, 2009

Showing Some Stash

I thought I would show a little stash today. I'm not very good at keeping an inventory of what I have. It is all in my head and each yarn comes forward in my mind when I want it for something. at the Kitchener Knitting Fair last fall there was a vendor selling Habu. I only became aware of Habu, a Japanese textile producer after I joined Ravelry. Their products reminded me of Junichi Arai and other forward thinking Japanese textile designers that I first became aware of in the 80s. There is a Habu store in NYC. When I go there I fully expect to blow all previous yarn and textile buying budgets. i have to find some kind of control for this or I could be in trouble. I love the innovation and interesting textures this yarn has and produces in resulting textiles. I bought the two yarns below without even knowing what I would do with them. They keep me dreaming of infinite design possibilities. This yarn is inspiring. At the moment I think the fishnet (cut up Indonesian linen fishing nets), which is very prickly, will be trim for a bag. The Fique a type of pineapple fibre will become a summer hat.


Habu AOS Fishnet Yarn


Habu FQ-1 Fique


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Knitting: The Chosen Obsession (addiction)

I have cast on the second sleeve of the Shirley Paden Belted Wrap Jacket(BWJ) or I-75 Jacket(I-75). If I finish this garment by the end of April I will be very happy. Then I can wear it to NYC for the Ebony Elite Knitting workshop at FIT. I'm not sure this is possible with only commuting knitting but hopefully after the report card marks are in I can devote a few days of solid knitting to this project. In the mean time I still have other FOs that I should post plus new yarn. I bought gorgeous yarn from Fleece Artist that I just love and can hardly wait to swatch. I'm trying not to swatch until after my report card marks are in. Knitting is allowed because I think it is a better addiction than drugs or drinking which would surely be the only alternative in the face of all this marking and grading.


Belted Wrap Jacket by Shirley Paden, Interweave Knitting winter 2005

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year

I typically don't make official New Years resolutions but I think that I should at least try to write more blog entries this year. The major thing holding me back is that I like to include photos and my camera has been out of service. I now have another one that I can use. Also my school schedule (teaching and taking courses myself) doesn't leave a lot of self indulgence time. If I'm going to be self indulgent I would rather knit than take and upload photos of knitting. Of course Ravelry also steals a lot of time, but less and less these days now that the novelty has worn off. That said my current knitting project is part of a Ravelry KAL from the forum "We Love Shirley Paden" I have completed one sleeve of the Belted Jacket. I knit most of it on my road trip to Florida during Christmas break, so I call it the "I-75 Jacket" (once you cross the border the main Highway to Florida is the I-75). This is the first time that I have knit shaped lace. I found the increases difficult because every time I started a row I would have to calculate how many YOs and K2togs would fit. The decrease rows were more obvious. Now I am comfortable reading the lace without the pattern so that should make the next sleeve a little faster.