Saturday, August 11, 2007

I love New York!! I had a great time at the Sistah Friends Knitter-que. Approximately twenty knitters gathered in St Nicholas Park. We talked, ate, drank, and knit from noon until sunset. It became too dark to knit so we had to stop. A good time was had by all. Not only is this a group of accomplished knitters but also talented cooks. The BBQs were literally and enthusiastically manned by faithful "friends of knitters". Thank you Harlempurl and SistahCraft for planning a great event and bringing together a wonderful group of people. I will post more details and photos next week after I return to Toronto.


I travelled to New York by bus on Wednesday. The original plan was for my husband and me to drive, but on Tuesday evening he injured his shoulder in a cycling accident. He was left too sore and stiff to drive or sit through a 10 hour drive. I did a lot of sock knitting on a bus ride that stretched into 12 hours because of delays at the border. The good side to this is I totally missed the subway chaos that resulted from a tornado, and flooding in Brooklyn. Yes a tornado in Brooklyn. The roofs of several houses were torn off, and parts of the subway flooded. By the time I arrived the subway was running normally.

Probably because of the torrrential rain that accompanied the tornado the weather cooled down and the next day was sunny and pleasant. My meetings were finished in the morning and I went off to meet the talented Sahara of Sistahcraft. We talked knitting for hours, then she pointed me in the direction of School Products. There I bought some beautiful mauve cashmere/silk (photos next week). I walked on to a Japanese book store to browse the craft books. The choice was so overwhelming that I became indecisive. The books and their designs were so elegant and beautiful that I even wanted books on crafts that I don't make: children's soft accessories, lunch bags, crochet motifs to applique etc...

By nightfall I was still walking and my legs ached. I love walking in New York but I think I over did it. Fortunatly the next day was rainy and I traveled less and used the transit more.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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Look an actual knitting photo. This is my first ever toe-up sock. I am working on both at the same time in hopes of avoiding second sock syndrome. I am getting ready for a trip to New York City (the socks are coming with me). It has been almost four years since I last went. This is a long time for me as I absolutely love New York. I will be staying with a friend in Harlem and reviving an art history research project that we started years ago. My husband will be coming for the drive. My knitting revival started in NYC 8 years ago when I was graduate student. Since then so many new shops have opened up or I have just become aware of them. In between research I hope to make a pilgrimage to as many yarn shops as possible and maybe even visit a local stitch and bitch.