Sunday, March 23, 2008

Do the Math (Before You Knit)

I lost some time on my Honeycomb Socks because I had to unknit back a row. Unknitting an entire row of two-sock-at-the-same-time-Magic Loop is not a good time. The pattern is not multi-sized and of course I am not using the same yarn as the pattern so all numbers have been modified. I also changed the heel. So why do I expect this pattern to work? Because I just have to "do the math". Since this is a toe-up sock I can try it on as a knit. No problem. No problem if you don't get to comfortable to stop before you increase. I reached the part where I have to increase for the Honeycomb pattern stitch. I wasn't starting with the same number of stitches as the pattern so I knew I couldn't end up with the same number either. Somehow I made myself believe that I could still end up with the multiple of 12 stitches needed for the Honeycomb pattern, by randomly increasing as I knit. I did my two rows of increasing. I had too many stitches and they were not a multiple of 12. Surprise!! How could I have such misplaced faith? I took a deep breath and admitted to myself that I would have to rip back my increases. How many? I had no idea and was thankfully now convinced that improvising would not work. I got a pencil and paper and drew a diagram and started calculating. I unknit a row of increases. I recounted my stitches. I was so lucky. I could stop unknitting and proceed to knit following my calculations. Lesson learned? I could improvise one row of increases but not two? Maybe, but in the future I'll just do the math before I increase at all. Especially if I am knitting two-socks-at-the-same-time-magic-loop.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Pattern: Honeycomb Socks by Katie Himmelberg
Yarn: Lang, Fantomas Color
Needles: Addi Lace 2.5 mm
Modifications: gusset heel

It's time for a knitting update. This is the year of adventurous knitting (says Knitting Daily). I have joined the Magic Loop KAL on Ravelry under the Adventurer category. My entry is toe-up socks, two at a time. This is also the first time that I have knit a gusset heel. I followed Maia's online instructions. I found the yarn in Romni's basement. I'm not a total fan of self-striping yarn but I am happy with the way that this one stripes. This will be my last pair of wool socks for the season. It is time to move on to summer sock knitting. I plan to knit ankle socks for the summer to wear with my Converse. On Sunday I reorganized my Ravelry Queue. I moved all of the summer knitting up to the first page It felt almost as good as if I had actually finished the summer knitting and could look forward to wearing cool knit dresses and sleeveless lace tops. I have started knitting the Airy Cardigan, but that is for the Diva and could never fit me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Garden in the Snow

The view out my front door

This will be a very indoors March Break for me. February has been nothing but snow and more snow. This trend continued over the weekend. As a result DH and I walked to the shopping plaza with our backpacks to pick up necessities. Fortunately I have my knitting and plenty of other indoor tasks to occupy me. I finally took my amaryllis out of hiding so I should have some blooms to show shortly, despite the blanket of white that is now my garden. The photos below show my garden furniture peeping out of the snow. I didn't think early enough to bring them in. For monthes the snow has been too deep to do anything about it. So now they are evidence to the depths of accumulated snow.



Friday, March 07, 2008

March Break At Last!

Airy Wrap
This is how far I have knit the Airy Wrap. I hope to advance a lot faster during March Break. There will be no fancy or plain vacations just resting and not teaching. I woud like to start on some of my crochet ideas for summer but I have to finish three socks and the Airy Wrap first.
Last weekend I went to Brooklyn for a funeral. It was very frustating going to NYC for such a short trip and not being able to see any galleries or shop. It was good to see my relatives. As usual we all lamented that we were not getting together for happy events. Hopefully I can go again this summer.