Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Honeymoon is Not Over Yet!

This was day four of teaching. I love teaching, I love the school and I love the kids. Apparently the kids love me too. One of my drama classes really gave my day a boost when after our first class they gave me a standing ovation. I have never had a standing ovation for anything before. Some claimed that it was the best drama class they had ever had. One boy said that it was the first drama class in a month that he was not sent to the principal's office. The principal was thrilled and congratulated me. I don't think I did anything special except be me, and listen to what the kids had to say. Also all of the students are glad that they don't have a supply teacher anymore. They had five in the last two months. Now if I could only get more sleep. I am up late every night creating lesson plans. I'm looking forward to sleeping on the weekend.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

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I had my final documentation session on Friday and everything went smoothly. My TB test was negative and my Police Check was validated. I start on Monday morning. My schedule includes two Grade 10 Drama, one Grade 10 ESL Drama, one Grade 11 Ancient History, and two Grade 12 Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology. I am ecstatic!!! I am doing a lot of happy dancing. Finally I have been hired and with an exact match to both my teachables. The position isn't permanent, but the contract runs to the end of June. I am covering someone's maternity leave. I am just glad that I am now in the school board system and will be eligible for a full time "To Hire" interview. Classes of my own!!! 150 students worth!!! All those names!!! Thankfully I love name games.

I worked in the garden today for the first time in over a month. I got my son to rake leaves and I dug up the dahlia tubers and put away the wooden stakes and lawn furniture. Just in time. It started snowing this evening. It should only be a light snow. I still hope to do some planting next weekend!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I finally had my first interview for a teaching position. I am ecstatic! It is as if this job has my name on it. I never dreamed that there would be an opening for both of my subjects in one job: History and Drama. I am now waiting for the bureaucratic process to be completed . I won't know if I have the position for another week or more. In the mean time I will go and have my police check and TB test done.

I am knitting the Sienna Cardigan by Ann E. Smith, from Interweave Knits with Jo Sharp Merino. It is not the yarn suggested or the same gauge so I hope it turns out OK. I finished the back last night at the knitters' pub night.